Angels Burger

Angel’s Burger is now one of the biggest burger company in the Philippines.  I dont know when it was started as a company.

In terms of where Angel’s burger have started I am not sure. I have tried to ask the branches that I mostly drop by, but they said they are just a franchise and that is all, even wikepedia and google can’t answer my search and would just give me related articles, like that will help! haha!

Their best seller is basically their buy one take one burgers, in which there is a cheese burger variant if you want that more.

In terms of prices, Angel’s burger is 23.50 pesos while their cheese burger is 32.50 pesos. Its actually a bit cheaper but the size of their burgers a bit smaller.

One trivia I found out about their patties is that they are made from puso ng saging a bit of meat and some meat extendersunfortunately I wasn’t able to find out what is the English term of that vegetable.

The thing I liked about Angel’s Burger is that they are easily available. Like literally in every part of my neighborhood there is like one or two stands in every corner. But the thing that I don’t like though is that since they are a franchise, each stand is different from the other. For example, In one stand I went to they offer coleslaw as an additional for their burgers while on other stands they don’t offer coleslaw. Their sauce is only ketchup with mayo.

The service also differs from one branch to another. I have seen some stands that has the nicest crew while others have like robots that don’t even interact with their customers.

Angels burger is actually the best in their own way. Angels Burger is the best!